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The One Family Project

What is it about the human touch that we love so much? And this doesn’t pertain just to a physical realm, but a more emotional and psychological perspective. Is it the beautiful sense of belonging you gradually acquire, or the perennial feeling of the presence of a pillar of emotional sustenance? Well, the world works in many more ways than you can imagine. Now, I don’t have to remind you that, in this period of perpetual lockdown that stifles your mental and emotional well-being, a source of human touch could be akin to watering a desperately dry plant, devoid of precious droplets of water. But it will rain - it always does. There’s hope in knowing that the world is fighting the pandemic in unison. It helps to know that there lies empathy in humanity, when push comes to shove. There is pride in realizing that you are not alone, but guarded by the love and support of those around. We move ahead as one family. And this is how we did it.

Citta India, in collaboration with Artistik India and Ayan Ray, thought of a way to remind the world that no matter where you go, family is the only thing that remains constant. And in a world being dragged through a Hell of its own, we come to realize that we’re all part of the same family - humanity. This was the birth of The One Family Project.

In its simplest form, the One Family Project, connected with people from 15 countries all over the world. It was a compilation that documented people from all across the globe speaking about their experiences through this global lockdown, and shedding light on how we could be there for each other.

But, go through the fine print, and you will realize that this means more. The innate ability to empathize, to love and to share is what really brings out the beauty of this project. This goes beyond just the everyday stories of people in different environments in the same situation - it is a show of inspiration, togetherness and, above all, hope.

The ability to communicate and emote is what makes us human, and it was heartening to see people come out and talk freely, with happiness and the glow of a beautiful smile on their faces. There lay a wondrous diversity in the way everyone went ahead and explained their side of the story, be it having to adjust to changing times, picking up an old hobby in the abundance of free time, or looking to be their most productive and creative selves by acquiring new skills and polishing old ones. One of the loveliest aspects of their stories was this constant feeling of solidarity and faith in humanity, where everyone was driving home the thought of being there for one another and showing that we can get past any hurdle as a united front.

The One Family Project strengthened our ties with the world beyond our worlds.Because of this very reason, we were able to spread the word for donations quickly after being contacted by a member of the project from the Middle East, for the aid of people hurt and lives affected due to the horrible blast that took place in Beirut, Lebanon in early August.

This project, based on the ancient Sanskrit proverb, “Vasudeva Kutumbakam”, literally translating to “The World Is One Family”, was an effort to resonate with people across borders dealing with the pandemic.

This project has helped us realize one thing - the world will always find light at the end of every tunnel, for humanity holds that torch up high, and will do so for aeons to come.

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