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Peer Counselling Training

With Ms. Diksha Tyagi, Johns Hopkins University Almuna

Cohort 4 is launching on the 4th week of July! Register Now! 

To expand on Citta's mission to make mental health more accessible, we strongly believe it is important for us to further the cause by training psychology students in communication, listening skills, assertiveness, ethics of peer counselling, issues of confidentiality and breach of it, boundaries regarding helping others, and basic counselling skills.

What are the objectives of Citta's Peer Counselling ?

1. Helping students of psychology gain practical skills to become first respondents to mental health
2. They will be able to use counselling skills such as attending, listening, exploring.
3. They should be able to articulate the integrated three-stage module of counselling
4. They ultimately should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the interactional sequences of helping, including their own intentions with the people they are interacting with.

What does this course not do ?

1. Make you a qualified counselling or clinical psychologist
2. Make you a mental health professional 

3. Allow you to charge for your service 
4.  Give you any sort of formal recognition from any governing bodies of mental health

Peer counsellors do not offer diagnoses, but they can lend an ear, offer feedback, and refer students to mental health professionals if need be. 

Who can apply to this course?

Any student pursuing or planning to pursue a bachelor's or masters in psychology can apply for Citta's Peer Counselling Course.

Course details
  • 2-month long course with live interactions on the weekends 

  • A cohort of 20-25 students to ensure high engagement 

  •  The course is designed keeping in mind the practical uses of counselling

  •  Highly interactive - includes classroom discussions, role-plays & brainstorming

  •  A set of individual module summaries to take away 

  •  Participants can get a real-life experience of the counselling world

  • Certificate of completion by Citta

This 2-month course is priced at ₹4999/-  and at ₹4499/- for groups of 3 or more. 

The proceeds will be used to provide free therapy services to individuals in need.


         Being a successful helper requires three basic things - helping skills, self-awareness, and a facilitative attitude. This               module will help you understand yourself more and how to separate yourself from the client. 

    Establishing rapport and developing a therapeutic relationship. Learn the basic skills of Attending, Listening and Observing. 

  • Module 3: THE INSIGHT STAGE 
    Facilitating deeper understanding of self and bringing awareness by various techniques such as Challenging, Immediacy, Open questions, and probes 

  • Module 4: THE ACTION STAGE 
    Help clients explore possible new behaviours, decision making and development of actions. 

  • Module 5: INTEGRATION 
    Learn how to use the previously learnt skills together in a therapeutic set up. Skills to help you navigate though difficult clients. 

    Discussing various professional limitations, preparing to come on board with Citta and talk about Supervision

What happens after the course?

The participant of the course can enlist themselves as a peer counsellor with Citta and can provide support to the students availing Citta's peer counselling services.

Instructor and developer of the course

Diksha Tyagi - an MS Degree holder in School Counselling from the esteemed Johns Hopkins University, a Psychology Graduate from Sophia College, and currently a counsellor at NMIMS University.  She has also worked at Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, New Delhi. 

Assisted by
Anshula Suresh
Counselling Psychologist 
SNDT University 
Samridhi Baghel

Banasthali Vidyapith
Rhitvik Pascricha 

NMIMS University
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