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Women In Therapy - A Citta India x SafeRealm Initiative

The perils of the modern-day woman begin multiplying before they even perish, and there never seems to be a sustainable means to the end of her problems.

But the modern woman is much greater than the sum of the parts of her everyday entanglements - the inherent ability to stand up to society’s misdemeanor, the strength to absorb social stigma and throw it right back in the face of a petulant crier, and most importantly, the tenacity to face the bloodhounds of the world, while running a house and working a job, sometimes two - all at the same time. What does s this say about a woman? She no longer is the last rung of the ladder, but in fact, the very creator of ladders, rung by rung, day by day.

Women’s Day is a global celebration of people who identify as women, but as we see it, a day that need not be singled out or highlighted in a calendar - every day should have an acceptance and a sense of respect for the lives of anyone who identifies as a woman, as much as it should be for a man. Having said that, Women’s Day is still a very beautiful gesture in its totality, with women coming together to cherish and uplift one another, to remind the world that this isn’t a one-way street, and we wholly back that with pride.

Citta India and Safe Realm came together this Women’s Day to show our mutual appreciation for the lives and times of women who battle the world every single day with “Women In Therapy” - an initiative that provided mental health support in the form of therapy sessions, to students who identify as women, at subsidized rates as well as sponsored sessions for students. The sessions were meant to alleviate the pressure on the students who found proper mental healthcare hard to come by. The initiative was a veritable success in terms of participation and the overall satisfaction of the students who took part in it.

We at Citta India strongly believe that mental health should be available and accessible to people at all times, regardless of their economic background, caste, gender, race or culture - mental health sees no boundaries. This campaign with SafeRealm was yet another indication of the progress we continue to make and strive for in providing that help to people. Women are a pillar that upholds the values and the growth of a nation and our efforts only go and bring some more light into the lives of those who identify as women and face their demons bravely and cast them to the ground, every single day.

We have and will always work for the betterment of lives, and our doors are always open. Never hesitate to drop by!

And as always, remember - you've got this!

Mentioned below are a few of the testimonials we received from participants in the “Women In Therapy” initiative - (Names have been kept confidential out of respect for their privacy)

How was your experience with Citta's sponsored therapy session?

“I was in a really dark place when I started therapy. I thought there's no way out and I was out of hope. But after some sessions, I realised that there's more to life and I too deserve to be happy. I was really scared to open up but my counsellor was so humble and comfy I felt like I'm in safe hands. I didn't have even a single negative experience with Citta. It turned out so so so well for me.”

“Being my first time, it was quite good enough an experience and did help in ways.”

“It was exactly what I needed.”

Is there anything else you'd like us to know or give us any reviews we could put on social media?

“I would go as far as to say that I owe you my life. I was in a ditch and I gave up on myself. It was Citta that helped me and gave me hope. I'd love to do whatever I can to spread awareness so that other people like me who need help but are unable to speak, find it.”

“Think of therapy as more of a chat session, self-reflection session. You do not necessarily need to have a mental health issue to attend one, or, label it as therapy, per se!”

“It was really, really nice. The counsellor was very resourceful and had solutions to most of the problems. Since I’m already going to a different therapist, I’ll be continuing there, but I would love to come back for a few more sessions if I need them. thank you so much for coming up with this!”

Written by Rushil Mullick

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